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Aged catfish, Tomatillo , egg yolks, garum, gooseberry, dill, caviar

Veal rump, smoked trout mayonnaise, wild garlic

Asparagus, Hollandaise sauce, peanuts, nutritional yeasr, quail egg

Carp milt, butter sauce, smoked roe, kohlrabi, fried kale

Snail ragout, wild garlic, bell peppers, sour cherry, groats cracker


Aged duck breast, thigh, potato Anna, cabbage, serviceberry, caraway

Lamb neck, poppy seed gnocchi, peppers, sheep cheese, asparagus, kale

Fish of the day, homemade pasta, caviar, fish velouté, lardo, chard, rutabaga

Jerusalem artichoke, hey, curd, kale, potato, shiitake

Veal, stuffed morel, steamed dumpling, gooseberry, herbs


Poppy seed custard, pumpkin, sea buckthorn, butter cracker

Pear, yoghurt, almonds, honey, vanilla, sunchoke

Tasting menu

4 courses 1750

snack bar, starter, main course, dessert

6 courses 2250

snack bar, 2 starters, 2 main courses, dessert

8 courses 2490

Vallmo experience

Please ask your server for allergens informations

In the case of reservations for 8 persons and more we charge 8% service charge.

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